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Related article: Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 19:19:52 -0700 (PDT) From: Ashley Paul Subject: After all this time (part 2)I was finally in high school and I was so excited. My first day of school was not as hard as most of the other 9th graders because the week before was "crank up" for marching band. Everything was so exciting, and I saw some of the most beautiful girls, but I always remembered that none of them were as sexy as Mrs. Wittington. That year, I had gone to help with a few of the band events at my old school, and since her daughter was in band there, she also helped out. These times just being around her filled me with Underage Lolita Porn pure happiness and lust. Then came that night it all began. Every year, the band at my old school had their spaghetti dinner where the jazz band performed and they raised money to take trips and purchase equiptment. I saw her and talked to her like we had seen each other every day that year. It was as if I had never left. I finally thought I had the courage to tell her how I felt about her. My job that night was to sell t-shirts and car magnets. I asked for a break after most of the people had arrived and it was slowing down. I was on my way to her classroom when I saw her daughter enter in there. I lost all hopes of telling her that night as I walked away. I went back and did my job and later when I took my restroom break, I saw her on my way back. I went to her and said "Can I talk to you?". "sure, let's go to my classroom and we'll talk, ok?" she replied. I noded and when I realized what I was about to do, my stomache started doing flips. We arrived there a minute later and we both sat down. "You have been a huge influence on my life, and I really respect you for all you do." I started "There is something I've wanted to tell you since the first day I was at this school. I like you as more than my teacher...". She just sat there for what seemed like an eternity thinking and finally responded "Are you curious? Do you wanna know what it's like to be with a girl or do you thinkthis is more than that?" I knew immediatly why she asked and of course I told het the truth. "I've already done some stuff with a girl, but I've liked you for almost 3 years and I obviously mean it if I told you.". My response must have made her realize I was dead seriious, because almost immediately, she got up and stood behind me with her arms around me. I stood up and embraced her for the first time as more than just her student. That night was also the induction of new NJHS, and hr daughter was one of the inductees. She had to leave me again, but this time I knew it wasn't for good. I told her i'd email her and then she was gone as fast as she came. That night, I sent her an email telling her how happy I was and she responded the next day. we kept writing for the next few weeks just talking about what we wanted to do together. About 3 weeks later, I sent her an email telling her how I really wanted her and we discussed how we were going to meet. I lived literally a street away from the library, so I could tell my mkom I was going to meet one of my friends and go down there so she could pick me up. I'd kept my cell phone on in case my mom needed me so she wouldn't have to go to the library. I waited outside just like I said I would. I wore a low cut tank top that showed a good portionof my all natural dd's. Being only 15 with cup size dd's got me alot of attention and my first girlfriend. I was also wearing tight jeans that showed off my butt. When I got into the car, I saw her tight, thin white t-shirt and short tennis skirt. She looked so fine I wanted her more than ever. On the way to her house, I asked her about where her daughter was and her husband. She explained how they went to see a movie marathon and we had a good 4 hours to spend together. During the ride over, I had my hand rubbing up her thigh the whole time. Every time our eyes met, there was the most amazing chemistry to the point that both of us never wanted those moments to end, but she had to focus oin driving. We finally got there and she told me to stay in the living room while she changed. I was so excited, my hands were shaking and my pulse was probably 180 bpm. When she came into the room again, she had on a black leather bustier and a small pair of boy cut bottoms. She was so hot, I could have left and gotten off by myself for the rest of my life. She saw my expression and knew exactly what I was thinking. She came over and sat next to me with her hand on my leg. I turned and we had one of those award winning kisses that makes you almost cum right then. It became more passionate and I remember her just saying that she loved me. That was all I needed to make me brave and daring, so I soon took the dominant position. She soon became submissive and obediant to my every wish. She had told me before we met that day that I didn't have to do anything I felt uncomfortable with. I felt comfortable and more with everything she did to me. We started out by her just making out with me, then lead to the exposure of breasts. Her perfect size c's were perfect and her hard nipples the perfect thing for my mouth. I knew she was about to cum then, but I wanted to at leat get down there first! I kissed my way down her perfectly tanned body to her perfect vagina and female parts. I was relieved to find out my biggest worry wasn't true. I hate when women shave that area, and her hair was just neatly trimmed so perfectly. I began to lick the outside very lightly, just enough to make her beg. I soon found that she wasn't the begging type, but I loved her enough not to play stupid games like that. I soon began busily working on licking all of the juices from her amazing pussy. I then found the thing every women loves to mess with: the clit. I was a virgin before that night, but I knew what to do with that. Licking hard enough to get screams of joy and the biggest ogasm she said she'd ever had, I was pretty pleased with what I had done. As soon as she recovered from her orgasm, she told me to lay back and let her have a turn. I got up on the other couch in the room and laid back with my eyes shut. I soon felt the most full lips on mine and felt her hands move immediately to my boobs. The way she rubbed my hard nipples made me almost go insane. She eventually moved down my body to a place I so wanted her to be. As soon as I felt her there, she immediately recognized my overwheling bliss as I got wetter and wetter. This was my fantasy literally coming true with the person I fantasized about. She began at my clit and would not leave it alone until I had 3 raging orgasms. After both of us just layed Underage Lolita Porn there for a while trying to regain our energy, I decided we should take a trip to my grandparens' house to swim use the hot tub, since they were out of town and I had to walk the dog. I called my mom to tell her that was gonna get a ride with my friend Tiara. My friend lived a few streets away from my grandparents, so my mom would buy my lie. When we got there, we took the dog for a walk and we held hands the whole time. It was so romantic; the two of us walking our dog with each others' fingers looped in our own. We got bak to my parents and the water had warmed up in the hot tub to the perfect tempature. I changed in the master bathroom and she in the guest bathroom. I got outside first and turned on the bubbles. As soon as she stepped outsied, my jaw dropped at her bikini. It was barely more than a string bikini and the top covered very little also. The radio was on and I remember hearing the perfect song for me and her...My love. When she got in, she sat on my lap and I knew something amazing was gonna happen. I put my hands on her breasts and began to squeeze her nipples. I soon got the bikini top all the way off of her while we were making out and she did the same to me. Four major orgasms and a lot of sweet cum mixed with chlorine later, we got out and it appeared we were Underage Lolita Porn skinny dipping for well over half of our time in the pool. It was our firat night together and since neither of us wanted it to end, I called my parents to tell them I would just stay at my grandparents that night while she told her husband that her sister needed her to stay and take care of her. We showered together and went to sleep, spooning the whole night.
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